5 Quick Tips For Decorating Your Apartment!

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5 Quick Tips For Decorating Your Apartment


1.  Make it smell good!

When moving in to a new place you immediately want to get rid of that rental-smell and make it warm and welcoming. A good first step is to sprinkle all the carpets with baking soda (wait 15 minutes and vacuum it up). The baking soda gets rid of the stale-rental smell and makes way for all the great candles /candle warmers you want to use. On this note, candles are great but unless you purchase a really good one, the smell often wears out before the wax does. Candle warmers, however, are an overall cheaper and much easier thing to use.  Each cube, depending on how much you use them, lasts about a day- making them easy to change fragrance and cheaper in general. 


2.  Choose a color palette

This simple concept comes up on HGTV time and time again, and it makes complete sense! Select a few colors to use throughout your place.  Three to four colors is a good general number and these colors are used not just on the walls of the house, but also colors used for accents. Choosing a palette to stick to allows your place to flow and not be overwhelming with a million colors.


3.  Display the things you use

When you are working with limited space it is important that the things you make room for are useful and handy. Try displaying quilts in a crate or on towel racks attached to an old door. Displaying colorful kitchen utensils in a glass container makes the colors easier to see without creating visual weight!  


4.  Use mirrors

Creating a statement wall with mirrors not only looks great, but it also enhances the size of the room. The reflective quality of mirrors bounce any available light around to make the room appear bigger and brighter!


5.  Storage is key!

Finding clever ways to store your items is very important when dealing with a tight space. One cheap and stylish way to store towels and linens is to hang baskets on the walls. Packing things away neatly can make your place feel infinitely bigger! You can pick up some cheap baskets at a variety of stores and you can even paint them if you want to match them to your home’s color palette!

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