Brigs Restaurants – a must try!!

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Brigs Restaurants’  – a must try!


Located at: Maynard Crossing Shopping Center | 1225 NW Maynard Road


Woodcreek residents,

Have you tried the local hotspot, Brigs, yet? Since 1988, Brigs Restaurants have strongly stuck to the belief that breakfast should be served throughout the day; and for that we are ever thankful! With 5 locations in the Triangle, Brigs has proven itself as a clear local favorite, marked by the inevitably long weekend lines and the flock of regulars. In addition to everyday classics, unusual combos such as the Aztec Scramble (eggs, bacon and jalapeños topped with cheese) or the Oskar Benedict (blue crab and asparagus) zest up your usual morning routine! Order the omelet of the week, the benedict of the month or whichever pancake, salad or sandwich the chefs have dreamed up this time. The best ones find their way to the permanent menu. Independent Weekly stated, "Eggs just about any way you can think of. …". All in all, if you have yet to try this local hotspot then you are truly missing out! Make your next trip to Brigs- you’ll become one of their regulars after just one visit!

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