DIY Pumpkin Centerpieces

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Not only are pumpkins great to make festive Jack O Lanterns for the Halloween season, but they can also be used for decorative pieces for the rest of the fall season! In fact, they make great center pieces that go great with any fall decorated homes.

All you need are pumpkins and flowers/plants of your choice.
What you do:

  • Trace the top part of a vase onto the top of the pumpkin
  • Carefully cut the top part of the pumpkin off (like you would with a Jack O Lantern) where you traced the shape.
  • Take the insides out of the pumpkin out, and make sure the insides are clean before putting the vase into the pumpkin
  • Then with any flowers, plants, or centerpiece décor put them into the vase to your discretion.

That’s it! It’s super easy and perfect for even after Halloween.

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